Desire is a great girl and one of my favorite dogs. She is very much a one person dog, and is at her best when she is right by my side. She has great movement, a nice short back and top line. She is very flashy, with nice dark markings around her eyes. She has shown but doesn't much care for crowds. I plan to bring her back out after she has a litter, and see if she will enjoy it better at that time. I think she is simply the best. I'm so proud of her whether or not she shows, because I know she is quality, but she has no desire to show it.
 I look forward to having puppies out of Desire, because I think she will be an awesome producer. Check out Desire's pedigree to see some of the great dogs in her family tree.
  Desire's Pedigree

Baby Desire


What a cutie!

Desire all grown up and looking good at the show