Bull-Lane Charity Of Friends

Isn't she fine?


Charity is one out-going girl, and never meets a stranger. She is the

clown of the family. She is an attention seeker, and will do anything to

make you look her way. She is a joy to be around, and can lift your

spirits on a cloudy day.

She is so white that her hair shines like sunlight on snow. Check out

Charity's pedigree and see what a great family tree she has.


Charity's Pedigree

Charity's Dam

Smith's Sourmug Sadie

     This is a picture of Charity that was made 2-14-04 the day of her retirement. She went to finish out her years setting on the sofa and watching TV at her new home with Cori. She will be very missed around here but I will stay in touch. Charity lives on here forever in my heart and in the pedigree's of her great quality offspring. Have a great retirement Grandma!!!